Year 01-Videocollective: Back to Tuzla

One year ago, on the 5th of February, the biggest social movement since the 1992-95 war started in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It began in solidarity with the workers of privatized factories in Tuzla who were attacked by the police as they were protesting to get their unpaid wages. On the 7th of February, the movement had spread to the whole of Bosnia and several government buildings were in flames. Hundreds of people started to organise in plenums in more than 20 towns. Three months after, the movement had lost a lot of its momentum and the most severe floods since decades hit the country.
In October 2014, a few days after the general elections, we interviewed several workers in Tuzla about their current situation.
One year after the revolt, did the living conditions of the workers of Tuzla improve in any way?

Quelle: Year 01-Videocollective, 07. Februar 2015

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