Fifteen Ahly Ultras to stand trial Tuesday for ‚illegal protest‘

The Ultras members were arrested while trying to enter Ahly club to attend a handball match

Fifteen Ahly Ultras were referred to an urgent trial for illegal protesting in front of the club, among other charges, by Cairo prosecutors on Sunday.

The defendants—members of the hardcore Ahly sports club fan group—will stand trial in a misdemeanour court on Tuesday. Four other defendants, who are minors, were referred to juvenile court on related charges.

Security forces initially arrested 47 members of the Ahly Ultras on Friday, as they were attempting to enter the club to attend a handball match between Al-Ahly club and Al-Gazeera club.

Twenty-eight people were released while 19 others were referred to the prosecution.

The prosecution decided to detain the 19 Ultras for four days, pending investigations into a number of charges including illegal protesting and assembly, assaulting security forces, blocking the highways and attempting to storm the headquarters of Ahly club.

The incident follows a request by Ahly club made to security forces to stop Ultras fans from attempting to attend matches and activities without tickets, following an attack on Ahly football players during a training session in August by angry fans.

Quelle: Ahram Online, 26. September 2016

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