Two UWK members sentenced to one year prison in assassination of Mortada Mansour case



They were previously sentenced to five years prison with other 16 UWK members in absentia 

Giza Criminal Court sentenced on Sunday another two defendants to one year prison sentence in the case of assassination attempt of Zamalek Sporting club elected head Mortada Mansour.

A number of 22 UWK members were arrested on accusations of attempts to murder Mansour. Only four of them were acquitted and the other 18 ruled to five years prison.

The two defendants were among other 18 defendants involved in the case and were sentenced to five years in 2015. Number of those defendants has appealed the court sentence and it was mitigated to one year.

However, the two defendants named Mostafa Al-Daly and Mahmoud Basiuony were not able to appeal with the others due to being arrested in other case.  The court decided to imprison them for one year, after their appeal against the five years.

All the previous defendants were able to appeal the five years prison ruling since they received it absentia. They all are members in Ultras White knights (UWk) group.

Basiuony is alone facing another charge of creating Illegal assembly in front of the club Zamalek.

The assassination attempt on Mansour took place inside the sporting club on dawn 17 august 2014.

Subsequently, Mansour told local sports website FilGoal that he was leaving the club when he was told to duck because of “gunfire”. Two of the people accompanying him were shot, one in the back of his head, and the other sustained several bullet wounds.

Immediately after the failed attempt, Mansour went to the police station and claimed he could identify the perpetrators and named them

Disputes have been common in the relationship between the Ultras White Knights and Mansour, who banned them from entering the club and always use to criticize them in media using offensive terms.

Quelle: Daily News Egypt, 07. November 2016

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